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Holstein Canada is preparing to return to farm visits. The following memo's layout their plan to keep everyone safe during this ongoing pandemic.

COVID Self-Isolation

Holstein Canada Biosecurity Measures Memo

Holstein Canada On Farm Operational Plan FINAL


to British Columbia’s newest Master Breeders: 

Nicrest Holsteins, and Wisselview Holsteins!

The BC Branch held it’s Annual General membership meeting,  via ZOOM on November 25    

The winner of the annual “BC Cow of the Year” was announced at our meeting to be:  

WILLSWIKK DUPLEX DION EX-95-4E 1*. Bred by the J.W. Wikkerink family of Cobble Hill and owned by Cindy Wikkerink (Wikkshaven Holsteins) of Cobble Hill!

Here are 2 videos ‘launched’ at the Royal. The first represents the day in the life of a Holstein Canada member – with a very business yet personal approach. The second one is just to humour you.