Congratulations to our Award winners!

Due to Covid-19 cancelling all Fairs in 2020 the annual BC Gold Watches were not awarded.

The winner of the 7th annual “BC Cow of the Year” was announced at our recent AGM to be Willswikk Duplex Dion EX-95-4E 1*.  Bred by the J.W. Wikkerink family of Cobble Hill and owned by Cindy Wikkerink (Wikkshaven Holsteins) of Cobble Hill.   Dion is a total performance cow with a deep, home-bred pedigree.  

Her five closest dams are all home bred Excellents and combine for 60 brood stars!   Dion’s daughter, Wikkshaven Atwood Daphne 2E, makes seven generations of Homebred EX in a row!  Dion has nine VG (or better) daughters out of 10 with six more daughters on the way.  Her accomplishments are impressive:

  • 1 Superior Lactation
  • 8yr 365d 16,712kg 769kg 4.6% f 612kg 3.7%p (BCA: 294-363-333)
  • Long-time 80,000kgs and adding
  • Four Top 3 show placings

Cindy shares this about her special cow: “Dion has been a favourite for a long time, being shown every year since being a calf. She has scored EX 95-4E and has made over 82,000 kg of milk in six lactations so far and is pregnant. She is following in her grandmother Della’s footprints and now has daughters of her own doing extremely well. A family that combines type, milk and longevity!”

Congratulations to the J.W. Wikkerink family, Cindy and Dion for winning 2020 BC Cow of the Year!


Also announced at the AGM, the winner of our Annual BC Youth  Bursary of $1000.00 is Erin Drydyk and 2020-21 BC Holstein Princess is Nadine Laity.

Congratulations to Erin and Nadine!

Annually Holstein Canada members look forward to the announcement of the Master Breeders for the new year.   2020 had 2 farms in BC bring recognized as winners of the honorable shield:  Nicrest Holsteins and Wisselview Holsteins both received their first shields!  Congratulations to these families!!

BC Holsteins and Breeders earn many awards for superior conformation, production, and genetics from Holstein Canada, some of which are listed below. More production awards can be viewed using the Holstein Canada Award Search.

New Very Good and Excellent Cows in BC

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