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Vancouver Island Holstein Show

Held at the Cowichan Fairgrounds on July 27, with Dan Fornwald of Lampman, Saskatchewan judging.


Name of Animal


Intermediate Calf 1. Stardusk Blitz Illusion T&L Cattle
2. Willswikk Blitz Ramona Willswikk Holsteins
3. Hipower Dundee Win Anneke Hylkema
Senior Calf 1. Rollin Mr Sam Doreen T&L Cattle/John Hylkema
2. Willswikk Dundee Daria Willswikk Holsteins
3. Meadow Green Craveman Val Meadow Green Farms
Summer Yearling 1. Morsan Dundee Nicole Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Tolamika R Marker Daisy T&L Cattle & John Sunder
3. Willswikk Astronomical Bambi Willswikk Holsteins
Junior Yearling 1. Wedgwood Laramie Evelyn Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Harvdale Premier Dee T&L Cattle
3. Willswikk Dundee Sadie Willswikk Holsteins
Intermediate Yearling 1. Crovalley Gibson Allison T&L Cattle and G.H. Bailey
2. Frueh Astro Riddles Frueh Farms Ltd.
3. Poelman Allie Spirte Sunny Vale Farm Ltd.
Senior Yearling 1. Suntasia Dundee Tabitha John Sunder, G.H Bailey, and T&L Cattle
2. Swiss Acres Morris Ubi D Stanhope-Wedgwood
3. Frueh Janna Dundee Frueh Farms Ltd
Junior Grand Champion Crovalley Gibson Allison G.H. Bailey and T&L Cattle
Reserve Junior Champion Wedgwood Laramie Evelyn Stanhope-Wedgwood
HM Junior Champion Morsan Dundee Nicole Stanhope-Wedgwood
Junior Group of 3 1. Willswikk Holsteins
2. Silvermaple Holsteins
3. Frueh Farms Ltd.
Junior 2 Year Old 1. Stanhope Bellini Cousteau Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Saanwood Jordan Brynne Viewfield Farm Ltd.
3. Wedgwood Power Jan Willswikk Holsteins
Senior 2 Year Old 1. Windy-Knoll-View I Petra Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Corlane Samantha Finley T&L Cattle
3. Extondale Brass Bake T&L Cattle and G.H. Bailey
3 Year Old 1. Poelman Champion Venus Sunnyvale Farm, G.H. Bailey, and T&L Cattle
2. Blumenau Leduc Dorisa T&L Cattle
3. Stanhope Tori Lyster Stanhope-Wedgwood
4 Year Old 1. Meadow Green Jeany Outside T&L Cattle
2. Wedgwood Colette Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
3. Carrondale Star Geno T&L Cattle
5 Year Old 1. Wedgwood Trixie Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Kendu Triumphant Charity Stanhope-Wedgwood
3. Furt Aeroline Munchkin T&L Cattle
Mature Cow 1. Wedgwood Carlton Regina Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Willswikk Progress Diamond Willswikk Holsteins
3. Stanhope Honora Cousteau Stanhope-Wedgwood
Grand Champion Wedgwood Trixie Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
Reserve Champion Meadow Green Jeany Outside T&L Cattle
HM Champion Kendu Triumphant Charity Stanhope-Wedgwood
Total Performance Cow Wedgwood Trixie Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
Best Island Bred Cow Wedgwood Trixie Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
Breeders Herd 1. Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Willswikk Holsteins
Premier Breeder Wedgwood Holsteins
Premier Exhibitor Stanhope-Wedgwood