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Vancouver Island Holstein Show

Held at the Cowichan Fairgrounds on July 21, with Orville Schmidt of Rolleyview, AB judging.


Name of Animal


Intermediate Calf 1. Wedgwood Caroline Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
18 entries 2. Langmont RMH L Gypsy Rose Bradner Farms
3. Poelman September Dakota Sunnyvale Farm Ltd.
Senior Calf 1. Suntasia Dundee Tabitha G.H. Bailey, T&L Cattle Ltd. & John Sunder
18 entries 2. Perrilea Cousteau Cisco Stanhope-Wedgwood
3. Abelaine Astronomical Roxs T&L Cattle Ltd.
Summer Yearling 1. Cavanaleck Gibson Blanda Willswikk Holsteins
6 entries 2. Poelman Gibson Bailey Sunnyvale Farms Ltd.
3. Wedgwood Billie Sovereign Stanhope-Wedgwood
Junior Yearling 1. Eastriver Dundee Leah Bradner Farms
2 entries 2. Ells Champion Brandy Silvermaple Holsteins
Intermediate Yearling 1. Willswikk Appeal Skye Willswikk Holsteins
5 entries 2. Gisthal Chapter Daisyane Willswikk Holsteins
3. Poelman Lyster Tiffany Sunnyvale Farm Ltd.
Senior Yearling 1. Rietben Goodluck Lana T&L Cattle Ltd.
5 entries 2. Willswikk Stormatic Delia Willswikk Holsteins
3. Summitholm Lheros Carrie G.H. Bailey and T&L Cattle Ltd.
Junior Grand Champion Suntasia Dundee Tabitha G.H. Bailey, T&L Cattle Ltd. & John Sunder
Reserve Junior Champion Rietben Goodluck Lana T&L Cattle Ltd.
Junior Group of 3 1. Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Sunnyvale Farm Ltd.
3. Jager Farm Holsteins
Junior 2 Year Old 1. Wedgwood Aerocerf Patricia Stanhope-Wedgwood
3 entries 2. Willswikk Distrigene Samantha Willswikk Holsteins
3. Stanhope Allana Gibson Stanhope-Wedgwood
Senior 2 Year Old 1. Miss Paradises Presence Stanhope-Wedgwood & Morsan Farms
8 entries 2. Willswikk Leduc Amber Willswikk Holsteins
3. Stanhope Tori Lyster Stanhope-Wedgwood
3 Year Old 1. Willswikk Stardust Sapphire Willswikk Holsteins
4 entries 2. Stanhope Lucia Rubens Stanhope-Wedgwood & Silvermaple Holsteins
3. Saanwood Caleb Brynne Stanhope-Wedgwood
4 Year Old 1. Kendu Triumphant Charity Stanhope-Wedgwood
6 entries 2. Willswikk Outside Della Willswikk Holsteins
3. Wabybrook 8314644 T&L Cattle Ltd.
5 Year Old 1. Narfa Skylight Maggie T&L Cattle Ltd.
3 entries 2. Willswikk Progress Diamond Willswikk Holsteins
3. Wedgwood Josie Cousteau Stanhope-Wedgwood
Mature Cow 1. Stanhope Tiffany Skydome Stanhope-Wedgwood
4 entries 2. Donohoe Pattie R Jed Stanhope-Wedgwood, Lakefield Holsteins, Markwell Holsteins
3. Willswikk Factor Spottie Sunny Vale Farm Ltd.
Grand Champion Stanhope Tiffany Skydome Stanhope-Wedgwood
Reserve Champion Kendu Triumphant Charity Stanhope-Wedgwood
HM Champion Miss Paradises Presence Stanhope-Wedgwood & Morsan Farms
Total Performance Cow Willswikk Progress Diamond Willswikk Holsteins
Best Island Bred Cow Stanhope Tiffany Skydome Stanhope-Wedgwood
Breeders Herd 1. Willswikk Holsteins
2. Stanhope-Wedgwood
Premier Breeder Willswikk Holsteins
Premier Exhibitor Willswikk Holsteins