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Fraser Valley Fall Harvest Show 2008

Held at the Abbotsford Fairgrounds on October 15, the show was judged by Ridley Wikkerink


Name of Animal


Junior Calf 1. Elmbridge Redliner Lifesaver Elmbridge Farms
2. Lejader Viterra Racer Levi DeRuiter
Intermediate Calf 1. Nicrest Patrick Ace Truffle Elmbridge Farms
2. Benco Masquerade Racer Benco Holsteins
Senior Calf 1. Springbend Goldwyn Salvation Springbend Holsteins
2. Saanwood Dundee Laury Viewfield Farms
Summer Yearling 1. Hammingview Goldwyn Mazing Hammingview Holsteins
2. Cedarwal Bobbi Script Cedarwal Farms
Junior Yearling 1. CBS Grand Laramie Lassie CBS Holsteins
2. Hammingview Lou Mara Hammingview Farms
Intermediate Yearling 1. Elmbridge Dundee Rosina Elmbridge Farms
2. Springbend Duplex Random Springbend Holsteins & T&L Cattle
Senior Yearling 1. Springbend Goldwyn Access Springbend Holsteins & T&L Cattle
2. Elmbridge Laramie Essence Bert Tuytel
Junior Grand Champion Springbend Goldwyn Salvation CBS Holsteins
Junior Herd 1. Springbend Holsteins
2. Elmbridge Farms
Junior 2 Year Old 1. Saanwood Goldwyn Anne Viewfield Farms
2. CBS SS Sparkling Ruby Revglen Holsteins
Senior 2 Year Old 1. Marleon Terrason Absolutely Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Telford Zippity-Do Champion Telford Farms
Junior 3 Year Old 1. CBS Ruti Astromiracle Westar Holsteins
Senior 3 Year Old 1. Glorybound Malibu Carlos Glorybound Holsteins
2. Benco Ronda September Benco Holsteins
4 Year Old 1. Benco Darilyn Lorenzo Benco Holsteins
2. Benco Lucy Leduc Benco Holsteins
5 Year Old 1. Wedgwood Liene Lee Stanhope-Wedgwood
2. Telford Darleen Lucky Star Telford Farms
Mature Cow 1. Cheam Encore Love CBS Holsteins
Grand Champion 1. Benco Holsteins
2. CBS Holsteins
Premier Breeder Benco Holsteins
Premier Exhibitor Viewfield & Benco